Do you need some summer ?, Wildfox brings it to us with its bathroom collection for 2016

Let's make a conspiracy against the cold of this winter that although late, has finally settled on the peninsula. We want summer and we want it now. We want these bikinis and swimsuits from Wildfox and we want them all. Because let's see, why choose if we can have them all? At least I am unable to decide among all the models of his new collection for this summer.

Sun, beach, heat ... nice words that lead us to think about one thing: summer. And from summer to bikinis there is only one step. And from there to "I need some new model" another.

Flowers, hearts and the occasional print 90's style has been installed in the Summer 2016 Wildfox Collection and the result could not be more cool. Bikinis and swimsuits share the collection while the details of the designs are provided by small frills and vertigo necklines. Choosing between them can bring you several headaches, but cheer up, think about summer and take a deep breath. Now you just have to answer a simple question: ¿team bikini or team swimsuit?

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