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Vanesa Lorenzo demonstrates that women of soccer players can also be stylish at Laureus Awards

Footballers' women The world's most famous elegant, what is said elegant are not usually. Almost all of them are spectacular but when choosing models for sporting prizes they don't usually hit the mark with too risky designs, excessive brightness and little fabric. Vanesa Lorenzo is the exception that confirms the rule and once again has taught everyone a lesson the WAGs of the moment.

To assist in the delivery of Laureus Awards the beautiful model has opted for a black Hervé Leger signature dress with fair transparencies to be elegant, a fairly original design for this firm that Vanesa has sublime complemented with a pearl necklace from Suárez jewelry, getting balance the risk of the dress with the weight of age that lead the pearls. The hairstyle, somewhat casual, and red lips have managed to give that casual and youthful look she needs.

Video: Parshvakonasana. Mysore yoga.  Vanesa Lorenzo (April 2020).