Going to work costs less when you have cards as cool as you are

If you have in mind to take a look at what's in the stores and renew your office locker room for the new season, have you thought about doing the same with your business cards? Is the first impression you give of yourself and of your company and worth a little effort. We have done a small selection of the coolest We have found.

For those who want to keep their information private

If you drive at work highly confidential information you will love the cards of Privacy International, a company that has copied the format with which they send us the PIN numbers of the cards to make their business cards.

For retailers

No need to resort to effective materials or make too flashy cards to be creative and different from others. A small detail, related to something in our area of ​​expertise, is enough to leave a mark.

For the most foodies

If you work in the world of gastronomy and deli you have many possibilities for play with gadgets Typical cuisine as a cover letter. Do not miss the good ideas in your menu.

For those who enjoy a good metaphor

Nothing expresses more than a simple idea, practice of always carrying and producing.

For those who want to grow (professionally)

You will make your intentions clear in an elegant way, but also leave a memory forever in your future business partner with a card-plant like this.

For the enthusiasts of their profession

If you like what you do, if you enjoy it to the fullest, if it's your lifewhy don't you tell with a really creative card?

For fashionistas

Fashion gives a lot of play in every way and it can also be your best cover letter, not only for what you wear in that meeting, but also with the card you leave as a souvenir.

For lovers of minimalism

Impact on your future customers is increasingly difficult because of the competition, but make sure you have a hole in your heart with such a beautiful card and you will succeed.

For those who do not walk with half measures

If you're an ace in business, what's wrong with saying it with a shocking card? Emphasizing your positive points is a first step in getting that customer.

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