NYFW leaves us 25 street style looks to inspire this fall

Goodbye very good New York, see you in February.

its Fashion Week concluded yesterday with Marc Jacobs, and with their parade the bloggers set sail for London where the Lfw. But before focusing on the English capital and seeing what its designers propose for the next season, it's time to review the street style seen through the streets of the big Apple. Endless trends, colors and blends have been seen with a common denominator: good style in industrial quantities.

Love at first sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? In fashion, it does exist, and these looks accelerated our heart. Cupid did his job in the best way and there is no need to wonder why. Original, striking and different garments that show us that fashion can be fun and timeless.

With a mini (patent leather)

Style duel between bloggers! The Big Apple has witnessed how two familiar faces were dueling in a similar style. French / English Camille Charrière and Chiara Ferragni chose to wear a black patent leather mini skirt. The question is, who looks better?

Shoulders in the air!

The Bardot neckline (lifelong shoulders) has been one of the viral trends that this Spring-Summer 2016 liked the most, and we have seen it in NYC. Many are those who have left this area so sexy thanks to the neckline of his shirt and / or dress.

The triumph of the vichy painting

The vichy picture is one of those print that has never just left at all, but neither does it succeed dramatically ... Although this year there has been the exception that has confirmed the rule. We do not know what happened but the garments in this print have been common and have been mixed with others of different and different styles. The result? Original, feminine and very current looks.

Super color couples

There are chromatic couples that are not very seen during the day to day but should be. The reason? They form such a perfect contrast that there are more who should opt for them. And here are two options that we will surely see more from now on.

The power of the cowboy

The cowboy has been, is and will be the star fabric in the fashion world and the pants are a wardrobe that will always save us from more than a hurry. They serve to transform any look and Fashion Week is a good scenario to put your skill into practice.

Crop tops are still at the foot of the canyon

If you were one of those who thought that the life of the crop top would be very short, over the years you have realized the serious error. And the models have walked with different versions to expose their flat and fibrous stomachs.

The most mini bags

Some of the bags that have been seen were so small that one did not understand how they could put the iPhone 7 there, as well as the house keys (although those of the hotel) and the odd vice such as tobacco. While mobile phones get bigger, this add-on is getting smaller and smaller ...

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