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You are not the only one who suffers cystitis after sex: seven women tell us what they do to avoid it

No, you are not the only one who hurts to urinate after having sex. In fact, this shouting secret affects one in three women. Surely you have gone to the doctor, he has made you pee on a stick, he has given you antibiotics and advice such as using cotton panties or drinking cranberry juice. But nothing solves it, right? Beyond the medication there are tips Homemade that can help you eliminate this problem from your mind and enjoy sex properly: they tell us their tricks.

Sofía Pérez (27 years old), the queen of blueberry juice

"Every time I go to bed with someone the next day I have cystitis, and it's like a curse. In the end you take away any desire to do it, you are with zero libido. I had read that cranberry juice does wonders to prevent it, so I drink it at all hours, very cold. Especially When I know I'm going to have sex, I can drink almost two liters. It may seem like abuse, but I have noticed a lot as the topic improves down there. "

Alba García (25 years old), "peeing at the end of sex

"I have gone to the doctor more times than I can remember from postcoital cystitis. Some have tested positive and I have taken antibiotics and others I only had the irritated urethra and it passed in a few days. But as it stings! In the end I decided to listen to my gynecologist and start peeing at the end of sex and then wash with water and intimate soap. That way you prevent bacteria from rising and have an infection. It was the only thing that worked for me. "

Daniela Torres (30 years old), her trick is a natural lubricant

"Every time I finish doing it and go to the bathroom, I notice itching when urinating. There is no pressure, no punctures, but there is a burning as fire. The doctor never finds me anything and says that the area of ​​the penis can be inflamed, including the urethra. Especially if I am not properly dilated because the impact is then more intense. That's why I started using natural lubricant, one that doesn't affect the pH of the area. Everything flows better now and I have no pain at the end. Of course, it is very important to choose a product without chemicals because the intimate flora is easily altered and fungi can emerge. "

Lorena Fuentes (26 years old), liters and liters of water

"In my experience, the only way I have found to prevent the pain of postcoital cystitis is to drink a lot of water. So, when the urge to urinate intensely, you will have something to throw in and the bladder is not forced or irritated anymore. I drink About three liters a day, and if I'm going to make love I drink two glasses of water before and after. I have changed the urinary infection by being very swollen when practicing sex, but I prefer it a thousand times. "

Monica (25 years old), prohibited underwater sex

"For years cystitis has been my worst nightmare. To try to avoid it, it is best to drink a lot of water and drink blueberries every day (it is important to be constant). I do not like juices, so I usually buy a tray and go biting throughout the day. I also eat toppin In yogurt they are great. Also be very careful when you enter the "theme": no hot tubs, no pools, no wet places. Too If your flirt washes your hands before, much better. At the end always run to the bathroom and pee. I have proven that it always works. "

Marta Fernández (33 years old), bye bye soap

"Against everything my gynecologist tells me, I have removed the intimate soap from my life. By sleeping with someone I wash my vulva later with warm water and that's it. I don't have strange odors or irritations and, surprisingly, the number of cystitis has been reduced. I changed specialists and the one I have now says that soaps can irritate and alter the intimate flora, even causing pain similar to those of an intimate infection. "

Aitana Sainz (27 years old), "like a burrito in an electric blanket"

"This may be the weirdest thing a man has seen when sleeping with someone, but when we finish I go to the bathroom to urinate and then I wrap myself like a burrito in an electric blanket that makes me warm in kidneys and bladder. It looks like I'm wearing a diaper and the picture has to be horrible but hey, it works for me! "