The gala against AIDS leaves us 5 perfect looks to copy

Red carpets usually leave us perfect looks to inspire us and the last gala against AIDS has not been the exception. In fact this time there has been such a variety that there was a lot to choose from, although I have stayed with five that we could definitely copy. Which one would you stay with?

One of my favorites was the one who wore Vanesa Romero, who opted for a simple makeup and starring perfectly worked skin and purple lips (to match her dress). Eyes with a black upper eyeliner and a low bun completed a look that I will definitely copy.

Ariadne Artiles He left no one indifferent: the beautiful make-up of feline airs (perhaps I see it that way because of the set he achieves with the dress), with a cat eye and brown and garnet shades highlighted his gaze in a spectacular way. Matching lips showed that the combination of intense eyes and mouth does work.

Bethlehem Wheel It is the perfect example that beauty and glamor have no age. I liked her look for minimalist, a very wise choice because although it is true that 'less is more', as the years go by this phrase becomes even more true. Her gaze adorned with false eyelashes and dark red lips perfectly framed in a precious side pick that stole all the elect.

On a red carpet you can not miss a natural look that conquers for its freshness and in this case it has been that of Genoveva Casanova, who opted for a smokey in brown tones, false eyelashes to give a little more drama to the look and lips in nude tone. The loose mane gave a more youthful touch to the look, although a pickup would also have worked very well.

I have left my favorite one last: Clara Lago He chose a look with a simple appearance but with a perfect job in his eyes: smoked in brown and maroon tones, intense eyeliner and nude lips. its slightly unmade herringbone braid I found it absolutely beautiful and versatile ... I think it works great with any type of outfit we want to wear.

What look did you like most?.

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