Christian Louboutin seduces us again with his "unicorn" Loubichrome enamels

Christian Louboutin It still surprises us. First they were the lipsticks, the nail polishes and the perfumes in which, sincerely, the design prevailed more than anything else. The fact is that the beauty section of the firm has returned and has launched the Loubichrome enamels that will drive you crazy for more than one.

These are three enamels inspired by unicorns, that fever that has given everyone and that seems completely incomprehensible, resulting in three precious enamels (one thing does not remove the other) with a packaging multicolored of those who enter through the eyes more than any other.

So, we have a tone fuchsia bright one yellow vibrant and a Violet bright, all of them metallic and looking great to sit in the face of spring.

Apparently, for its creation, Louboutin was inspired by the bright qualities of the specchio (laminated leather with mirror shine) that captures the light and reflects it with a rainbow effect, which you achieved by adding pearl pigments that reflect the light, giving your manicure a super bright finish.

The price of each of them is 30 dollars, and we assume that they will also reach these places, at least on the web they can be bought.

What do you think of you?

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