Stefan Larsson, CEO of Ralph Lauren, is fired for disagreements with the founder of the American firm

Today does not seem to be a good day for the fashion world. After receiving the news of the end of the Tisci era in Givenchy, Ralph Lauren announces that its executive director will not continue working at the firm, due to a dispute of opinions with Mr. Ralph Lauren in person.

Stefan Larsson, who has been working for the American brand for less than two years, will leave his post at the beginning of May with a good incentive: he will receive $ 10 million in compensation and health insurance for the next two years. This abrupt decision is due to the disagreements on how to bring the firm back to life, which has suffered many losses in recent years and fails to connect with the public millennial.

According to Ralph Lauren, he and Larsson they were unable to agree on the new creative directions Of the brand. "We are both aware of the need to evolve. However, we have different points of view on how to grow in the creative and consumer aspect. After many conversations we have decided to separate the paths."

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