Are you one of those who is never able to close the suitcase? This coat can fix it without paying excess baggage

That raise your hand who has never faced that dramatic moment when the suitcase, on the return of a trip ... does not close. Nothing, there is no way. Neither sitting on top of it, nor making all the strength of the world, nor taking the zipper to unsuspected limits. Yes, above, we have hired a flight low cost, of those in which any overweight luggage can be more expensive than the trip itself ... we are lost. What if a coat could fix the ballot?

Andrew Benke and Claire Murphy are responsible for this idea, which has been published in Kickstarter to obtain financing for its commercialization. Its creators ensure that the coat can hold up to 15 kilos of luggage, distributed in its 14 pockets. When empty, it can be easily folded and barely takes up space.

The coat pretends to be available in various designs for men and women: fitted, loose, with or without a hood ... In addition, all models can be worn in three different lengths: blazer, three quarters or long. At the moment, we have only seen the designs in black, and in eight different sizes (from XS to XXXXL).

We do not know if the project will succeed, but, if so, Ryanair tremble... and our credit cards in the next shopping breaks.

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