Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Olsen bet on mane in Cannes

The Cannes photocall continues to delight us with its morning looks where actresses and celebrities show us their most casual and casual side. One of the last to appear has been Nicole Kidman that has dazzled with its simple but perfect look. A beautiful Dior dress has shown once again how beautiful the actress has skin, very white and careful.

To accompany her beautiful dress Nicole has chosen to show off her hair in a relaxed mane with broken waves, banded bangs and a disheveled dot that I love.

Her makeup has also been very simple, a soft black outline and nude pink lips.

A much more textured mane has been the choice of Elizabeth Olsen, who has also been great with her look tomorrow. Her hair combed with undone waves has brought the touch effortlees Without losing any glamor. I also liked the makeup very much, with a soft smoky gray and nude lips.

What do you think of these looks?

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