11 beauty novelties of the month of May that you will want more than the arrival of summer

Although we have a sigh left to finish the Month of May, it is still a good time it is good to compile some of the new products That these days have come to our lives. So, we have 11 products (or 11 brands) what will you want this month Looking forward to summer, as much as we do. You can not miss them.

The Benefit Boiing family grows

This is the new corrector collection of Benefit with the super novelty of the new Boiing with airbrush effect and light texture. In addition, its 3 great classics renew their image but retain their formula: #erasepaste is now boiing brightening, #fakeup boiing hydrating and #boiing Boiing Industrial Strength.

The new one in the family, as I was saying, has a light cream formula that melts on the skin to correct and blur expression lines, imperfections and dark circles, leaving a smooth and natural powder finish. Its texture is perfect for the eye contour, since it does not mark the expression lines. Its price is € 24 that you can buy in Sephora and is available in two shades.

G9 Skin stick makeup remover

We continue with a curious product of korean cosmetics that comes to us from Miin-Cosmetics and that we always find it very curious. It's about a make-up remover as we had not seen before.

As I tell you, it is a make-up remover gently removes makeup and also removes dirt from the skin and helps keep pores clean by avoiding the appearance of blackheads. After use, the skin is hydrated and more elastic thanks to the ingredients it contains: soybean oil, extract of Asian sparkle (with soothing effect, prevents irritation) and white willow bark extract. It is ideal as the first step of double facial cleansing. G9 Skin belongs to the Berrisom brand, known worldwide for its famous lip tints.

This product can be found in MiiN stores (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Munich) and on its website for a price of € 23.99.

Instant Tan Body Gloss by St. Tropez

Here is a very interesting novelty for all those who have already begun to look for a good tone for our dull skins. Well, it's about the new Instant Tan Body Gloss of the firm St. Tropez It provides a beautiful golden and natural tone as after spending a day in the sun with a luminous finish.

But it's that eye, is not a self tannerbut it gives you a immediate color that lasts 24 hours, So you don't run the dangers of the self tanners of having an unwanted color, that you don't apply it well, and all those things.

Has a non-transfer formula: Thanks to its technology Rainmac does not stain clothes. Its homogeneous and instantaneous color, make it the ideal solution for an immediate tan.

Its price is about € 20 (100 ml), although there are websites where you can find cheaper.

Philips Nutri Wonder hair straightener

We continue with a gadget that can never be missing in a compilation. This time it is the new hair straightener Philips Nutri Wonder which is the first one provides perfect straightening while nourishing the hair, getting a healthy and silky hair and allowing women to discover their beauty every day.

And this iron has a unique technology called ActiveRelease with a mixture of natural ingredients with which you get a ** perfect straightening ** at the same time as a hair silky and hydrated quickly and easily.

It is about replaceable plates with that ActiveRelease technology that It is combined with natural ingredients, with a carefully prepared mixture to adapt to all types of hair, and which is formed by a mixture of avocado oil, camellia oil, argan oil and vitamin E.

But it is that in addition to their moisturizing properties, the plates have an advanced thermal protection against direct heat on the hair. Its price is of 199,99 € although at Amazon we can already find them with a discount costing € 178.55.

Sun Designer Palette by By Terry

It is not that it is very precious, it is a wonder, it has been love at first sight, as with everything from By Terry, and very soon I can give you my opinion of her.

It is a beautiful palette full of palm trees that contains six solar shades. So we have blush, bronzer and highlighter, Zigzag forming are able to provide good appearance to the paler faces, illuminate the cetrine faces and energize tanned skins. Come on, what I need (and many of you know that too).

Is available in two combinations of tones No. 3 - Tropical Sunset and No. 4 - Savannah Love. The price is high, we will not deny it, they are 72 € and you can, for example, buy at Isolee.

Travel kits from the Les Colognes and Les Jardins de Hermès collections

This would not be a compilation of novelties without fragrances. Of course, this time something different since Hermes presents two kits in the exclusive travel format for the summer months in honor of the Les Colognes and Les Jardins collections. These two perfume collections are part of the Perfumes Story collection of the Hermès library, stories with a limited number of characters and events that concentrate time in an instant.

In the collection Les Colognes its composed of Eau d'orange verte, Eau de pamplemousse rose, Eau de gentiane blanche, Eau de narcisse bleu, Eau de mandarine ambrée, Eau de néroli doré and Eau de rhubarbe écarlate, all of them born from the dialogue between artistic sensibility and good craftsmanship. Its price is € 100 for the kit of 5 fragrances of 15 ml each.

For its part, we have the Les Jardins collection where we have the Grafancias A Jardin en Méditerranée, A Jardin sur le nil, A Jardin après la mousson, A Jardin sur le Toit and Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. They have the same price as the previous ones for the kit of the 4 fragrances.

A great way to enjoy a whole universe of fragrances with which to travel all summer with the point of luxury that Hermès always gives us.

Payot Body Energy

We continue with the new range of body from Payot based on a explosion of vitality, energy and sensory and where the main course is the Energizing moisturizing milk that costs € 46.

It is a fluid, fresh and energizing body milk that melts instantly with the skin, transforming into a water-like texture, with a soft, hydrated and delicately scented finish, thanks to the early cocktail toning and firming assets to comfort and hydrate the entire body for 24 hours.

Thus, among the ingredients we have the new hydroaliphatic complex Asian with lotus flower, bamboo and water lily, which keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours, in addition to stimulating the skin's defenses and soothes irritations.

This new collection is complemented by the Antiperspirant and energizing deodorant which also helps to slow hair growth. Its price is € 18.

Mousse Oil by Nuggela & Sulé

Now I bring you a very curious product of the hair world: a oil that becomes mousse. A natural cocktail based on Argan Oil, Lemon Oil and Sweet Almond Oil enhanced with Red Onion Extract, Vitamin E and Zinc that repairs, hydrates and improves hair health intensely.

This product comes to us from the firm Nuggela & Sulé and is indicated for all types of hair, especially damaged hair, with split or dry ends with lack of hydration and nutrition. It is applied from means to ends with wet hair or as a finish and its price is € 16.50. Very interesting.

Body Remodeling Gel and Bust Remodelling Gel by Crea-m

Since we are in full operation bikini I bring you two products of the firm Crea-m I'm sure you're interested, they can't have better packaging, I love it.

On the one hand we have the Body Remodeling Gel or Anti-cellulite Reducing Gel containing as a fundamental active ingredient Silusyne® :, a whole molecular innovation against cellulite that reduces preadipocyte differentiation and prevents the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue (cellulite). Thus, it reduces the fatty nodules responsible for cellulite as well as irregularities of the skin's surface, making it softer and more uniform.

On its website you can buy it for 26,62 €.

And then we have the Bust Remodeling Gel or Bust Remodeling Gel, something that worries us also for the summer. It contains Adifyline® that restores female curves, a hexapeptide focused on specific areas of the body vulnerable to gravity and age deterioration that increases the amount of adipose tissue to obtain volume and curves.

It inhibits the activity of elastase, which increases due to aging and environmental stress. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen slowed down over the years. Thus, the skin regains its elasticity looks firmer and toned, with a younger appearance.

It is also for sale on the Crea-m page for € 26.81 for registered users.

Talika's Bust Phytoserum

And another product for the chest this time since Talika which launches its fourth edition of its mythical product, specifically launches Bust Phytoserum®, which is a concentrate in a tube nature-friendly, it has a sensation of fresh water that is instantly absorbed with impressive results ranging from ** greater volume to the chest, ** to functions moisturizing and firming, that instantly smoothes the delicate skin of the bust, helping to lift it, smoothing fine lines and breasts wrinkles and increases the mechanical resistance of the footl to provide better natural support to the chest. Its price is of 39,90 €.

Rituals Summer Limited Edition Exclusive Perfumes 2017

And we finish with others two perfumes Of the brand Rituals which launches in limited edition this summer. So we have Oasis Verte that is male and Oasis de Fleurs that is female and that pays tribute to the flora of Indonesia that amalgams citrus notes Kombava leaving Bergamot of Calabria, Mandarin of Brazil and Essence of Mint, with a refined heart of Rosa, Indian Jasmine of Sambac, Heliotrope and Indonesian Orchid and warm bottom of Ambrette, Sandalwood and Moss seeds with fresh aqueous and bamboo nuances that make this a perfect perfume for the woman who wants the vitality of summer to perfume her skin every day.

They have a price of € 39 each, while its travel version, a format that gives a lot of play for the holidays, is priced at € 9.50 each.

Great products for a great month of May.

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