On vacation, do you resort to "mini" discoveries or do you continue with your classics?

And the crucial moment came: do the luggage. I don't know if it happens to you, but until recently, the part that most complicated was the cosmetic. So much so that some other summer ended up carrying with me a barbarity of products and a complexity of sizes, to finally use practically the minimum.

Now I practice another method to simplify, innovate, discover and dazzle on holiday. I tell you my trick to continue with my routine when I am away from home, without ever missing the product I need or like ...

Try and try

You can imagine that being a beauty editor I have the opportunity to test Many cosmetics, and yet it is never enough to advise or recommend a product. Discover is what has led me to know that vacation, relax and disconnection They are great assets to try new products without pressure and with great desire.

I imagine that like me, you usually resort to the travel sizes and the samples because they give the opportunity to do it, but the key is in know choose With some rigor. Easy, comfortable and functional, I always choose according to the travel durationthe A indication of the product, and my true needs. It is not the same one day cream, which in principle requires days to reveal its effect, than a flash effect mask. In the first case, I need a size that lasts at least 15 days, in the second, a sample is sufficient for the specific occasion and know if I will want to acquire it one day.

Can you imagine how many products I have known for a sample have become part of my indispensable? Surely you know what I'm talking about: the wonderful surprise that a small cosmetic demonstration can hide.

Before including in the suitcase ...

Maybe during the holidays you turn to the travel kit and you pass the calculated amount of each of your usual products, a safe practice. If you do not have patience or want to simplify, I anticipate that you acquire the Travel Kit that many firms offer for this purpose is a real opportunity to try new formulas and promises for your cosmetic future.

An advice? When you opt for novelty, try a day or two before the trip, to avoid possible intolerances, allergies or simply textures that you don't like. Remember that the wellness It is one of the purposes of cosmetics.

Where can I get them?

It is true that for a few years many cosmetic firms have dramatically reduced the samples without repairing the importance and opportunity they represent when it comes to finding new customers wanting to change product or discover the specific one they want to have. Even with everything, specific times such as Christmas and summer are very favorable in this regard. You should also be aware of the news that interests us because they are usually accompanied by many of them.

I usually also keep for these occasions the calendar sizes I warn you, those of Clarins are great, and of course the travel sizes of my usual products, those that are sold in airports, always very successful. I include here the theme of eye shadows, fantastic of Dior in travel format.

What I have to choose?

It is important focus on what you need To not carry 1,000 small containers. I make a imaginary tour for my morning and night routine, and I include lor fundamental. Then I try to remember what I've missed sometimes, like a mask punctual reinforcement, a scrub, mask or eye rest patches, antibolsas or hand cream ...

An example, on my last 15 day trip I have included The Summer Essentials Kit Dr. Barbara Sturm, provided with 6 routine products designed to help keep the skin protected hydrated, healthy and cared for during warm weather.

The 6 steps to a complete care routine of this kit: Cleanser, delicious in 50 ml foam for day and night, 10 ml Hyaluronic Serum, Face Cream. only 20 ml. It also includes its celebrated Sun Drops in 10 ml, its Face Mask of 10 ml for specific moments and the exquisite Anti-Aging Body Cream in 50 ml.

Before doing my luggage I think what I really need, from there I look for the most easy, light and appetizing. The rest: enjoy.

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