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Adriana Ugarte, Michelle Jenner and other celebrities who did not want to miss the premiere of Tadeo Jones 2

Returns Tadeo Jones and with them looks of the celebrities They didn't want to miss the premiere in the capital. Many were the faces that went through the photocall and the red carpet, although it seems they could not agree. Some came as if it were a beach party and others as if it were what it is: an event of red carpet. The favorites of the night? Adriana Ugarte, "Tini" Stoessel and her unforgettable dresses.

Martina "Tini" Stoessel

She was the absolute protagonist of the night. Not only for being the creator of the main song of the film with David Bisbal. But because that long silver dress by Gino Bogani is amazing. Especially if compared to others looks excessively casual that we could see in the red carpet Madrid. Fluid and metallic fall like a waterfall, peplum and lace and embroidery lingerie body. It could well be your wedding dressbut it was the one that the singer and actress of Violetta He chose for his big night.

Adriana Ugarte

The Spanish actress gave us brilliant outfits twice. For the red carpet he chose silver tones, just like Tini Stoessel. However, she preferred to give one more touch rock and modern with this sequin mini dress How successful this season. Little else do I need Adriana Ugarte to shine: natural and loose hair and sandals nude with crystal details.

For him photocall Adriana Ugarte put things a little more interesting with a set of two pieces that are so cool this summer: pencil skirt and crop top signed by Guess. All this with tropical print, which is what the body asks for with this heat. At his feet, beautiful black sandals by Steve Madden.

Michelle Jenner

The young actress chose a look very lady and feminine with whom Blair Waldorf would die of envy. Silk blouse with contrasting neckline and a skirt with flight and cut A printed with ethnic and geometric motifs. A set in code working girl with which Michelle Jenner looked very comfortable and favored, leaving behind some of its disasters of red carpet most recent.

Ana Milan

The actress greatly reduced the formal tone of the event by choosing a look much simpler and relaxed. A sleeveless dress on total white Perfect for summer evenings, which she combined with lounges and bracelet nude and a red wallet responsible for providing the touch of color. We like it, but more for a day party than for a red carpet.

Eva Marciel

The same thing happens with Eva Marciel as with Ana Milan: we love your look but to attend a photocall or party during the day, not for a red carpet gala at night. Of course, the floral pattern combining oranges and blacks is ideal.

Carmen Sanchez

From here begins the folly, with outfits that seem rather to stroll in the afternoon shopping Than to attend an evening event. This is the case of the young actress and her shorts tropical, esparto platforms and yellow top. Good to meet friends, bad for the red carpet.

Monica Martinez

In the same tonic of look The beach presenter Mónica Martínez appeared at the event, but making matters worse. The esparto platforms still have a pass, because although too much casual They are a trend of the season. But The fringed suede boots are now too much.

Carla Hidalgo

The actress and presenter also failed to adapt to dresscode of the première and chose a look somewhat tacky with white skinny studs and cotton shirt. There was no shortage of the matching red wallet with that maxicollar a little old fashioned.

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