The Benefit mascara provides extra volume and thickness. We tried it

The secret of a infallible look is in the eyelashes, that is why finding a light, long-lasting mask and that give us thickness it's of vital importance. There are a thousand versions in the market today that are specializes in different aspects: length, thickness, color, volume ... The mascara They're real! from Benefit It has everything (word!). We have tried it and this is the result.

Do you want extra volume?

The mascara They're real! It comes in two versions: standard size and travel size

This new Benefit signature mask was born under the pretext of lengthening, separating, volumizing and curving the eyelashes to achieve a spectacular look that is capable of knocking out the staff. Therefore, it contains a shiny black formula that does not drip, does not move and does not dry out. This product is available in two different sizes: the standard and a smaller size ideal for traveling (or always carry it with you in your bag). In addition, in a test carried out on the consumer, satisfactory results have been obtained: 94% observe that this mask provides extreme volume and length, while 94% state that it visibly enhances the eyelashes.

The applicator

Its applicator is presented with a round head in the comb that wraps the eyelashes as close to the root as possible, activating its length and volume. To achieve a greater result, it is recommended to strain the brush horizontally and move it zigzag from side to side from the base to the tips. This applicator, being plastic, becomes a precise version that provides the necessary amount. In addition, the grip is thick so that one can have greater control.

There are few eyelash masks that offer a striking result to the first pass, but the truth is that this version does not leave anyone indifferent. With three or four passes, one can wear long and striking eyelashes. The first time I used it, people asked me if I had false eyelashes (I have to say that my eyelashes are very long), and that is that the effect that is obtained can sometimes touch the drama - which I love.

Data sheet

  • Duration: 9/10
  • Packaging: 9/10
  • Price: 8'5 gr / 27.50 euros
  • Total: 9/10

The product was ceded for testing by Benefit. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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