Do you think you know everything about London? With these podcasts you will learn the tricks of the most expert to travel to the British capital

That London we love is a fact. It is the perfect city to escape a weekend, and get lost among its streets full of history, art, style ... We have read so much about it, and we have seen it so many times on the screen, that sometimes we think we know everything about the British capital, but we still have many things to know. We have been hooked to plan our next trips listening podcasts (We already present our favorites from Paris and New York), and now it is the turn of London. Do you dare to hear a little more about the city on the banks of the Thames?

To open your mouth

The program Frequent traveler travel to London to leave us a podcast with the essentials of the city. A good starting point to focus on before devoting ourselves to exploring what will steal our hearts.

There are many London in one

If there is a versatile city in the world, that is London. Those who know her well know that alone with traveling a couple of streets we can move from the most monumental city to the most alternative, of the most classic art that graffiti contains. And in this one podcast We will meet them all.

The audio guide to know everything

If we want to tour the city without missing a single detail of its main points of interest, an audio guide may be the best option. AudioViator's have chapters dedicated to all monuments, streets, squares and, in general, for everything essential to return home being an expert in London.

London, medieval city

If we like history, London has a lot to offer us. And this podcast too. It will bring us closer to a London very different from the dynamic and cosmopolitan We know today. The London of the Middle Ages, with all its lights and its shadows.

The event that changed London

If there is a fact in history that changed the facade of London as we know it today, that was the Great Fire of 1666, whose documentation is a unique source to know what life was like at the time and, above all, that served for London to rebuild its urban planning to resemble what it is today.

The unknown south of the Thames

If we think of the first monuments that come to mind when we think of London, surely the vast majority of them are on the north bank of the Thames. But it is a sin to miss the wonders that the south offers. From The Globe to the Tate Modern, passing through the South Bank market or Southwark Cathedral. And this podcast He discovers them all.

From the hand of a genius

In program To live, of the SER Chain, moves to London to get to know the city by the hand of the one who portrayed it more masterfully in fictionCharles Dickens We will discover the favorite places of the writer and also the most characteristic scenarios of his works.

The most London fashion

London is synonymous with fashion. Trendy of all types, from the most exclusive luxury to the most trendy trends underground. And, in the middle of it all, the second hand. Second hand stores are a culture in the British capital, especially in the east, and, in this podcast, a Spanish resident in the city tells us everything we should know.

The quintessential London monument

It is difficult to choose the most representative monument of the city, but surely the Tower of London would be the first one that came to the mind of most travelers. With all its history and the thousands of legends that surround it. With the real and esoteric. In Zero Zone Stories they tell us all in one podcast that shudders.

Reality and fiction hand in hand

Edward Rutherfurd is a historical novel author who travels centuries from different cities in his novels. In the one dedicated to London, we will live the city since it was founded as a small Celtic settlement until today, through the Normans, the time of Shakespeare, the Victorian era ... Twenty-one chapters to fall in love with (more) London.

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