Happy Hawaii, the last (and hilarious) Essence collection that will conquer the youngest

The spring collections are always the funniest, the ones that return the happiest color, the fun and carefree shades with which we are saying goodbye to the cold winter (we really have it yet, let's be realistic). Therefore, see the new Essence to what they have called Happy Hawaii It makes you want good weather and, in addition, for very little, so be careful because, where you see it and despite the name, will transfer you to Tokyo more than a paradise beach.

Palette of shades

We start with the palette of shades that can't be cooler and for a price of 6.29 € where do we find two colors of illuminator and four eyeshadows with different effects to create the most unique designs of smokey eyes. It has a smooth and silky texture that is easy to apply and extend, to which you have to add the monerrimo Donut design and its name 01 calories donut count !.


We love magic cosmetics, those that are apparently of a color but with contact with the skin they transform. So CSmell Changing Blush, a stick blush in green that transforms into pink as soon as it comes in contact with the cheeks. Its price is € 3.59.

Chalk hair

Another tip of the product, especially for milleniala, is the Hair Chalk which, as you know, is a kind of chalk for color hair by strands and that goes with the wash. Its price is of 4,99€.

Nail file

I already anticipate that there are many nail products in this collection and you have to pay attention. So, we have the 4-Wway Nail File which is a nail file in the form of milk carton, super cool, with four steps for a perfect manicure. its Price is € 1.89.

Nail polish

They can't be more cool these nail polish. These are three nail lacquers in pastel shades with high coverage and a soft shine with a packaging unique ice cream ideal with a Price of € 1.89 each.


Nail & Face Stickers, that's what these are called three self-adhesive stickers to customize nails or your makeup styles. A way of customizing any look that is worth its salt.

Lipstick Remover

Or what comes to be, a super clean lipstick cuckoo which is hidden inside the milk carton and with an innovative texture. Applied with water and cotton, this make-up remover removes makeup without drying the lips. Its price is € 2.99.

3D Nail Topping

Or what they come to be, multicolored sprinkles reminiscent of donuts that will sweeten any nail design. Simply, it is necessary to apply on the nail polish while it is still wet, let it dry and then seal with a top coat. its Price is € 1.89.


And the most curious thing is that this collection also includes socks. Yes, as you read. Socks with cupcake design that look even when you wear shoes. Made of a lightweight material, a one size fits all sizes. its price is € 3.79.

And when will the collection come out? Well, it's still a bit of a wait since it will come out for sale during the month of May 2018.

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