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How to remove a pen stain from our favorite clothes in five easy steps

Personally, with a pen in my hand, I am an absolute danger. It has not been one, nor two, nor three, the times in which I have painted my pen clothes or, worse, the ink of one of them has exploded and I have lost my clothes. This is painful with any item of clothing, but when you paint a more than visible blue stripe It is that concrete garment that you like so much hurts physically.

We already know that these stains do not come out just by putting them in the washing machine or simply by rubbing. Luckily for us there is a simple way to do it and today, so that you start the year on the right foot, we tell you how to clean the pen stains.

How can we remove pen stains

1. The sooner the better

If the pen stain is recent it will be cleaned better than if it has been in our clothes for many hours. Thus, It is very important that we act as soon as possible and let's get to work. If we can attack the stain as soon as we do it, our clothes will thank us.

2. Help us with a damp cloth

When it is the case that the stain is recent, it is a good idea try to remove as much ink that we can help ourselves with a slightly wet cloth. However, if the stain takes time and is already dry, we can try to moisten a cotton and try to remove all the ink we can with it.

3. Clean with alcohol

The first time they told me how to remove a pen stain with alcohol, I thought it could not be a good idea, because I was afraid of making the stain worse. The reality, however, was that it worked. To do this, simply put a rag under the stain, then we wet the ink stain with alcohol and with another cloth we try to clean the stain. We rub gently until the stain is gone.

4. Also with shaving foam

If we are afraid to clean with alcohol or, for some reason, it does not work, always we can try it with shaving foam or with white vinegar. The procedure is similar to what we should follow with alcohol. The results with shaving foam are amazing!

5. For resistant spots lemon juice

Have you tried the rest of the tricks on how to remove a pen stain and still does not leave? Do not despair because there is one last trick that never fails: it is about put the garment soaked in lemon juice or in hot milk.

We can leave the garment for a couple of hours, until the stain comes out simply. After each trick just clean the garment normally and ready! This time we are free to spoil our clothes. All that remains is to enjoy it and relief.

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